BeCause Foundation

BeCause Foundation drives social change through the powerful fusion of documentary filmmaking and related strategic programs. BeCause films tell moving stories about individuals, organizations, and communities who, with compassion and determination, are finding innovative solutions to complex social problems. By implementing engagement campaigns and coalition building around the films, BeCause Foundation helps transform such solutions into broad-based movements for social change. Visit the BeCause Foundation Website

Life For The World

Life For The World exists to provide hope and healing to the country of Haiti. Over the last 40 years, Haiti has gone through 80 different governments. Their landscape has been devastated by deforestation which has caused the soil to become infertile. Haitians need hope and help. Life For The World provides that through getting to know the Haitian people, teaching Haitians to value themselves and their heritage, and through building orphanages, sustainable living situations, and by partnering with hunger organizations. Visit the Life For The World Website